Bridge Goth Bridge



Q: Is that really you?

A: Yes, that would be me playing at my computer.

Q: Whose idea was it to record your games?

A: Mine and mine alone.

Q: Will all your games be recorded?

A: No, I am going to restrict to games in which I play at Table 1 in Cayne matches. I will record as many as possible however it will not always be possible.

Q: What is stopping your partner or opponents from logging in to look at your cards?

A: In order to prevent this, I have blocked the ability to see my cards on the screen. It is not possible to remove this as it is controlled from my computer.

Q: How can I see your cards then?

A: You will need to watch on BBO for that.

Q: Why don't you talk about the hands while you play?

A: I need to focus all my energy into playing and trying to speak would be too much. However I am happy to answer questions about specific hands after the match.

Q: What exactly is the setup?

A: I have a camera on the back of the room facing my computer. I use a long USB cord (12ft) to connect it to my computer to allow almost the whole room to be shown. For my screen I just use screen capture on XSplit. I can add other cams to, but for now will just use these 2.

Q: Does it add a lot pressure to know people are watching you?

A: Actually no, I have found so far it relieves pressure and makes me more relaxed.