Bridge Goth Bridge


Glossary of terms

Here are a list of terms I will likely use at some time or another on my website. Here you can reference them in order to figure out what I am talking about.

Did not double, did not have to (dnddnht): When the defenders did not bother to or even need to double the opponents contract in order to obtain a good result because they were going down so many tricks.

Did not double, did not have to, did not want to (dnddnhtdnwt):  When the declaring side was in such a stupid contract that not only did the defenders not need to double to obtain a good result, they did not even want to because they opponents have a better contract. This usually occurs when the declaring side had a bidding misunderstanding and is going to play in a trump fit of less than 7 cards or in a no trump contract without stoppers.

Derber: Any bid of Four Diamonds, if the final contract is Four Diamonds that side is playing Derber.

Diner Double: A typically light double in which if partner leaves it in the contract will make and bidding will result in a huge penalty. The name is drawn from the idea that the partner of the Diner Doubler can either "Sit and eat it now, or take it out and eat it later."

Elephant Contract: If the final contract is 5NT, then you are playing the Elephant Contract. This is is such because you will never forget it if you end up playing 5NT.

Gerber: Any bid of Four Clubs, if the final contract is Four Clubs, that side is playing Gerber.

SIB: Send It Back, a slang term for redoubling.

Spiteful Bid: When a player intentionally makes a very high level bid which cannot possibly be right, usually with the intent of suffering a large penalty. This is generally done in response to frustration or anger towards a bid or comment by partner.

Spiteful Play: When a declarer or defender intentionally loses tricks that he does not have to and often times is trying to take the fewest tricks possible while still playing out the hand. This is usually done by either discarding all of the high cards, under ruffing, or needlessly ducking tricks.

Throw It In: When a player claims zero of the remaining tricks even though that result is not possible. This is most commonly done by the declarer after bad bidding resulted in landing in a ridiculous contract. Occasionally a defender will do this if their partner misdefends or he realizes that they are going to make a doubled contract.