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About Bridge Goth

As a Bridge Player
Bridge Goth is a Pseudo-Finnish American 28 year old bridge player from Oklahoma who has played on professional teams as well as taught bridge professionally. Through the years as a bridge player he found that had a huge library of hilarious stories that he would like to share with the world about the game of bridge. He also loves to answer bridge questions and help other people out who are looking to improve their game. He has written his own bidding system called The Finnish Club which has been proven successful in tournament play.

The Beginning
BridgeGoth started playing bridge for the first time in late 2006 when he showed up at the OU Campus bridge club. He had no idea what duplicate bridge was nor had ever seen a bid box before, but still enjoyed the game and decided to come back for future games.
Shortly after this, he was fortunate to meet 2 of the best teachers a new player could ever hope for, and learned to play the game the right and his game took off from there.

The Reputation Grows
A year later he was lucky enough to be invited to a tournament by a top local player of over 15,000 masterpoints, who helped him develop his game further, this also gained him significant credibility in Oklahoma. The next summer he got another huge break when he got to play with bridge professional Chris Compton after one of his team members had to leave. After a very good performance he was invited to play on a handful of other pro teams over the next 2 years, however, he eventually he quit bridge due to a catastrophic failure.

The Return
In March 2012 he was convinced to play the Oklahoma City regional tournament and created the BBO name BridgeGoth in order to practice the night before, officially abandoning his old user name. Through some encouragement from his partner and a Seattle based actress, he decided to continue to play bridge. The next month this website was created and he began to attend Cayne vs Stars matches daily.

Partnership with Jimmy Cayne
Due to all of his regular partners being unavailible, BridgeGoth was given a chance to play with bridge star Jimmy Cayne. To prepare for just 1 match, in the 3 days prior, he dealt 1000 hands and bid all 4 using his system, essentially bidding 4000 hands to prepare. He was quoted to have said "This is the most important bridge game of my life, and i simply cannot fail." After winning the first match easily and proving himself as a worthy player, the partnership has excelled and their successes have grown. As of 3/22/13, BridgeGoth is 108-19 with a 1.07 imp per board average with Jimmy Cayne.

Away from Bridge
Outside of bridge, he is a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma with an Electrical Engineering degree as well as a Masters in Business Administration. His real name is Jay and really is a goth, rarely seen in non black clothing. His favorite band is the Finnish metal band Nightwish, and his favorite singer in their former singer Tarja Turunen. He enjoys watching football and has been a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens for the last 14 years.